GINGER & ME mindfulness & 

clinical facial treatments

GINGER&ME has been formulated to be free from skin allergens and irritants, to respect the skin barrier and to protect and prevent skin sensitivity.

In a world-first, GINGER&ME in-clinic treatments are designed to treat the skin and mind simultaneously in the knowledge that beauty comes from more than just a healthy skin but also a healthy mind. In this crazy, busy world, skin is subjected to more than just physical stressors. New-age stressors including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, being time poor, as well as the use of mobile phones and lack of sleep are all triggers for inflammatory responses leading not just to problematic skin but to poor skin health too.

With this in mind, the in-clinic  GINGER&ME  Mindfulness Signature Facial has been created to support healthy skin and empower a healthy mind. A skin treatment combined with a guided Mindfulness Session where guests can put on their GINGER&ME headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire them to ‘choose their attitude’ and never forget ‘they are worth it’.

Each facial is tailored to your individual skin needs; we have a selection of clinical peels & masks with a focus on age-defying, hydrating, brightening and purifying.



1 hr $135


Our most popular skin facial, a skin treatment experience like no other combined with a mindfulness session.  This hour long facial offers relaxation and indulgence with the benefit advance neurocosmetics for skin health.  We will tailor your treatment to your skin needs with a focus on age-defying, hydrating, brightening and purifying.


mindfulness signature facial & clinical upgrade
80 MINS $169

Perfect for those wanting everything for their skin, mind, body & MORE.   An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and empowered.    Boost your Mindfulness Signature Facial with a CLINICAL upgrade peel and CLINICAL mask to enjoy the ultimate cosmedical and luxurious skin, mind and body treatment.  This is a tailored treatment with an anti-ageing powerhouse of actives, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost skin health, protect it from external aggressors, correct and prevent the signs of premature ageing whilst empowering a healthy state of mind and attitude.

40 mins $99

Perfect for time poor, skin focused clients wanting a no fuss treatment with all the results.  An express treatment incorporating a double cleanse, exfoliation, choice of CLINICAL peel, choice of clinical cream mask, serum & hydrator.   We will tailor your treatment to your ultimate skin goals.

O Cosmedics – Pro Dermal Treatments


Go beyond skincare to skin medicine with Pro Dermal Planning clinical skin peels! Pro Dermal Planning clinical peels are customised, precision skincare treatments that work on the threshold of medicine to treat the five major causes of ageing: collagen breakdown, inflammation, glycation, photo defence, and oxidation.

These are not just peels to strip back the skin. They use a specific blend of high-end active vitamins, peptides and antioxidants that can retain and regain normal skin function and cell optimisation.

These active ingredients are carefully and harmoniously blended with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), BHA (beta hydroxy acid), and enzymes to ensure an optimal delivery at the cellular level. The result is strengthened skin cells, rebuilt and repaired from the inside out! We recommend having these treatments weekly or fortnightly.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel $149

This is the perfect entry-level peel to promote smoother, youthful skin, whilst increasing your skin’s protection barriers, hydration and health. It takes 45 minutes and is suitable for all skin types.

Pumpkin Enzyme and Fruit Acid Peel $149

If you are concerned about ageing, pigmentation, sun damage, and impurities on your skin, this is the ideal peel for you! This 45-minute peel effectively eliminates redundant cells, therefore accelerating the skin’s cellular renewal to reveal fresher, smoother skin whilst restoring its natural protection barrier function and increasing overall hydration.

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel $149

This is the perfect peel for all skin types and is an instant pick-me-up to awaken, renew and smooth tired skin. This treatment increases desquamation (the removal of dead skin layers) and promotes deep hydration of skin cells. It takes 45 minutes and is suitable for all skin types.

Express Enzyme Facial $90

Pushed for time and needing a little pick me up? This 30 minute treatment is hydrating, plumping and skin smoothing; this facial has it all! See results straight away, after our O Cosmedics enzyme peel has worked it’s magic.

Advanced Peels $159

Bio-white Peel – anti-ageing, brightening, lightening and whitening peel, evens skin tone, prevents pigmentation.
Catalyst Retinol Peel – anti-ageing, improves collagen and elastin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Alpha Beta Peel – an advanced peel to aid in skin rejuvenation, reduction of fine lines/wrinkles, decongests and is antibacterial.

Please note: Your skin will need to be prepped using our O Cosmedics skincare for about 6 weeks prior to having an advanced treatment.

Kick-start your skin health journey: purchase 6 and get one free!



Add on Celluma LED Light Therapy $40
Using light wavelengths at a deep cellular level for repair and rejuvenation. 
(20 mins)



“Get Your Glow On” $99 – 1hr

Let us scrub away all your worries and give your skin a new lease of life with our beautiful Ginger & Me body scrub.  With the delicious smells  of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Black currant, Pear and Vanilla its sure to keep your skin hydrated and looking youthful!