A safe and gentle procedure that effectively removes “peach fuzz” or fine vellus hair from the face and upper neck.  Using a scalpel and a sterile, single use blade, we gently abrade the surface of the skin using light strokes, removing the hair and the top dead skin cell layer. This leaves a smoother and brighter skin complexion. There is no down time or pain with dermaplaning and the results are instant. Suitable for all skin types.

Dermaplaning Session $99
40 mins

Add on Celluma LED light therapy $50
20 mins

Add on Juvenate Bio Cellulose Recovery Face & Neck Mask $30
10 mins

Dermaplaning Combo $165
Dermaplaning Session + Celluma LED + Juvenate Bio Cellulose Recovery Face & Neck Mask
1 hour 



We use the Celluma LED light therapy machine.  Using light wavelengths at a deep cellular level for repair and rejuvenation.  LED light therapy treatments are scientifically proven to produce clearer, brighter, younger looking skin.  LED is proven to stimulate cellular responses for tissue repair, creating a glowing complexion and evening out skin tone. It’s also anti-inflammatory, treats rosacea, and fine lines as well as encouraging cell regeneration.  Red lights regenerate, while blue lights deal with acne and assist with wound healing and scarring.  Suitable for all skin types.

*Please note: This is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women.

LED Light Therapy (40 minutes) $65

Includes skin consultation, cleansing, LED for 30 min, Leave on after care products. 

Add On LED Light Therapy to any facial treatment (20 minutes) $50

LED + Lumafuse Hydrogel Mask Combo Facial (40 minutes) $99

LED Light Therapy concession saver $420
(8 sessions – two weekly treatments, save $100)